‘Danger To Life’ Weather Warnings Have Been Issued For Yorkshire This Weekend

‘Danger To Life’ Weather Warnings Have Been Issued For Yorkshire This Weekend
Storm Ciara is set to batter the UK this weekend.

If you were planning a leisurely stroll with your loved one this weekend, I’d probably retreat back to the sofa, because ‘danger to life’ weather warnings have been issued for the whole of Yorkshire this weekend.

Credit: Metoffice

Issued by Metoffice, Sunday will see severely strong winds sweep across the country thanks to the arrival of Storm Ciara.

The warning includes a ‘danger to life’ weather warning across the entirety of Yorkshire for wind – with the Metoffice warning the public to expect flying debris which could be a danger to life, damage to buildings, transport services affected and power cuts. The weather provider has also warned those who live by the coast could be injured by large waves or beach materials being thrown from the sea fronts by strong winds.

Credit: Unsplash

Bradford, Huddersfield, parts of Leeds and Wakefield, as well as surrounding areas have also been issued a ‘danger to life’ warning for rain. The Metoffice warns flooding of homes and businesses is to be expected, transport services will likely be affected and flooding on roads could make car journeys more difficult.

The storm is set to roll in on Saturday, starting in Scotland and areas of Northern England, before absolutely battering the rest of us on Sunday. Get your supplies in ready for a sofa day!

[Featured image: Unsplash]

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