A New Dating App Has Launched For Men With ‘Small’ Penises

A New Dating App Has Launched For Men With ‘Small’ Penises
Game changer for the less-than-average men!

A new app called Dinky One has been launched that is aimed at the man with a less than average penis. The app aims to promote a place where penis size doesn’t rule all. They say that ‘body image is generally in your control, penis size is not.’ You can’t argue with that logic!

With porn readily available and where most people learn about sex, it can be hard for young people to feel confident these days. Every man seems to think they need a 12-inch member to please their partner. This app aims to get rid of the stigma and ‘normalise the situation’. With NHS statistics saying that the average male penis is around 5.1 inches, it’s easy to see people’s concern.

The company states that they believe some people prefer a smaller penis for ‘comfort reasons’ and that men with smaller ones tend to be more skilled in the foreplay department that their huge penis counterparts.

Site founder, David Minns, has said that ” There’s pressure on all genders to confirm to ideals set by TV, film and even porn. The adult entertainment industry only casts males with well over average sized penises. In addition, adverts on major porn sites advertise dubious products to increase penis size.”

They go on to say that “Dinky One lets smaller men date people
outside their circle of friends with the safety that everyone using the site is
fully aware. Members can focus on shared interests and get on with dating.”

Current users have praised the app, with one stating how “When you’re a smaller man dating is very complicated. A lot of my mates found their partners from friends of friends or via work. Imagine the situation when one of these relationships fails, she’s likely to mention my size to her
friends and then gossip spreads!”

There you have it folks. The dating world has opened up for men with a small package. The only places it will ever feel awkward now are the urinals in the men’s. But let’s face it, that has always been an awkward situation for all penis sizes.

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