The Nation’s Favourite Name For Chips And Bread Revealed

The Nation’s Favourite Name For Chips And Bread Revealed

A Northern delicacy, that only has one name here in Yorkshire. We can let the rest of the nation argue but up in North, where the best fish & chips belong we know the true name for chips and bread together in a delicious carb combo.

Credit: Jolly Fryer

And, a survey done by Foodhub has proven all us Yorkshire folk right. If your answer to ‘what are chips and bread together called together?’ was chip butty then doth your flat cap and sip thee brew because you are 100% correct.

In Foodhub’s survey chip butty won with 58% of the vote, leaving no argument to the question that is thrown around the office or down at the pub over a few ales. The 2nd answer after that was a chip roll (which I’ve never heard of), with 11% of the vote. In 3rd place was a chip sandwich, with 6% of the vote. The rest aren’t even worth a mention!

Credit: Gateford Grill

Over the nation options varied in the North West is was close with chip butty winning out to chip barm by 2%. In London chip butty won by 2% over a chip roll.

Credit: Great British Chippy

In other news, 33% of the nation preferred eating fish & chips from the paper with 35% saying they’d rather eat from a plate. Great to know. How those people manage to get them home in time to put them on a plate is beyond me. Eating ’em in the car when bought is always a delight. Anyone else with us on the subject of opening the paper and eating a few chips on the home (come on everyone must do this one).

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