On This Day: Dean Windass Took Hull City To The Premiership With His Play-Off Winning Volley

On This Day: Dean Windass Took Hull City To The Premiership With His Play-Off Winning Volley

On this day back in 2008, former Hull City striker, Dean Windass scored Wembley goal. His famous play-off winning goal against Bristol City saw the East Yorkshire side into the Premier League.

Windass’ goal at Wembley Stadium saw off Bristol City with a 1-0 and cemented the striker in Hull City history.

The momentous victory for the East Yorkshire club saw them into the Premier League. Windass smashed home a controlled volley from just outside the box with the roars from the crowd.

dean windass wembley goal

Watch as his strike partner Fraizer Campbell sets up Dean Windass in the 38th minute below:

The Dean Windass Wembley goal is now etched in the memories of all Hull City fans and Windass gets to dine out on this glorious finish to this day.

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Speaking to Football League World about how important it was for him to take his hometown into the Premier League he said: “As soon as it left my foot, I knew it was going in. Although I didn’t realise at the time quite how good a goal it was, you know I didn’t realise quite how far out I was. 

“I thought someone was going to be behind me, so that’s why I didn’t have a touch. I don’t believe in god but someone was looking down on me that day and I just saw it hit the back of the net. 

Windass was quick to remind PLW of his stats saying: “You know it was just a memorable day, but as you say, I scored 234 goals in my career but they only talk about one and it was the most defining one.”

Windass took to Twitter to celebrate 15 years since that faithful goal saying: “15 years since I scored the goal at Wembley, today.

He continued: “Where have them days gone? Where have them years gone?” He went on to say how his son Josh Windass is set to appear at Wembley where Sheffield Wednesday is aiming to do the very thing Hull City did all those years ago.

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