The Rural West Yorkshire Village Known As ‘The Pie Village’

The Rural West Yorkshire Village Known As ‘The Pie Village’

Pie enthusiasts will be in pie heaven when they visit this little village, Denby Dale set in the heart of West Yorkshire. Who knew we a village famed for its pies in God’s Own Country?

This Pie Village, set in the beautiful and picturesque Kirkless borough West Yorkshire, is famous for its pies and has been making them for well over 200 years. It’s famous for baking celebratory pies to note events and occasions of national importance. They’ve baked a total of ten commemorative pies as part of the 9 festivals held since 1788. They’re especially famous for their meat and potato pies – which have even been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

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The village was first recorded as Denby Dyke before the Industrial Revolution – and provided the textile industry with raw materials – most famously the silk for the Queen Mother’s wedding dress. But, where do the pies come in?

They’ve made a range of pies for big occasions, the one they’re most famous for is their meat and potato pie. One other particularly famed occasions for which they made a special Denby Dale pie to celebrate were Wellington’s victory at Waterloo. The first pie made to commemorate a momentous occasion is said to have been 200 years ago to mark the return to sanity of King George III. They made even more history when they were awarded a Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest meat pie back in 1988. 

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The Millenium Pie

When the Millenium back in 2000, a special pie was baked that served over 22,000 people! Dickie Bird, the well-known and humourous cricket umpire cut the first slice. The pie weighed over 11 tonnes and contained three tonnes of beef and a tonne of potatoes. It also used 22 gallons of John Smith’s which is made at Tadcaster Brewery and was blessed by the Bishop of the city of Wakefield.

The Most Famed Incident In Pie History

A pie baked to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilees was spoiled, at Norman park crowds headed to dig into the pie, as they did so they noticed a “rather unpleasant smell”. The “intolerable stench” led crowds to try escape which led to a stampede in which a number of people were injured. A second was created that was later known as the Resurrection Pie.

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Denby Dale Pies was judge the best meat and potato pie, and it’s chicken and gravy pie was adwarded silver in the British Pie Awards in 2012. Their pies can be found in most supermarkets – but why not take a trip over to the town and get involved in some history!

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