‘Cheerful Charlie’ Has His Say Diddly Squat Farm Shop Car Park At Council Meeting

‘Cheerful Charlie’ Has His Say Diddly Squat Farm Shop Car Park At Council Meeting

Diddly Squat Farm Shop has to be one of the most talked about in the whole of England. Prime Video’s ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ captured the hearts of the nation as has Jeremy Clarkson’s battle with the council to get permission for a car park for his shop.

Oxfordshire Mail recently reported on the meetings to discuss planning permission and reported how things played out – including ‘Cheerful Charlie’s’ views on the matter.

Negative impacts highlighted by residents and their lawyers were issues such as how visitors were being taken back and forth between the restaurant and the farm shop by quad bike, as seen in series two of the popular Prime series.

Another point of contention was the farm shop itself with much of the first day’s discussion revolving around the difference between a farm shop and a farm/gift shop.

Diddly Squat Council Meeting

Charlie had his input on the farm shop arguing that the farm relied heavily on it to sell their fresh produce.

He highlighted that falling government subsidies for farmers in the UK and the importance of diversification made it harder to make a profit – which is why farms need to find other means.

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The owner of one of the catering trailers on site, Annabel Gray made comments in favour of the new car park and highlighted how the farm helped educate visitors about where their food was coming from.

The Top Gear presenter took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the recent council meeting earlier this month as he tries to expand his Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

Clarkson’s clashes with the council and the red tape that was being put in his way during series two had viewers up in arms. So much so that most of the UK is now invested in his battle with the local council.

One Twitter user asked Clarkson if there was “any news from the council regarding the carpark planning” last night to which he responded, “It’s not just the car park. It’s the loos. And the seating. And the mobile food van that turns our cows into burgers. Scary times”.

Another user asked “Jeremy did you go to the hearing? How did it go?” and Jeremy made it seem like things were much more cordial than in the second series.

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