Jeremy Clarkson Has Broken His Silence After The Planning Appeal Hearing

Jeremy Clarkson Has Broken His Silence After The Planning Appeal Hearing

It’s not a secret that Jeremy Clarkson and West Oxfordshire District Council have not seen eye to eye as seen in series two of Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm.

The Top Gear presenter has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on the recent council meeting as he tries to expand his Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

The country waits patiently to hear whether Clarkson will be able to extend his farm shop car park, something none of us thought we’d ever do.

Clarkson’s clashes with the council and the red tape that was being put in his way during series two had viewers up in arms. So much so that most of the UK is now invested in his battle with the local council.

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

One Twitter user asked Clarkson if there was “any news from the council regarding the carpark planning” last night to which he responded, “It’s not just the car park. It’s the loos. And the seating. And the mobile food van that turns our cows into burgers. Scary times”.

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Another user asked “Jeremy did you go to the hearing? How did it go?” and Jeremy made it seem like things were much more cordial than in the second series.

Credit: Jeremy Clarkson via Twitter

He responded to the user saying: “The coverage makes it sound like a civil war is raging. The trust: a compromise will be reached.”

This feels like things might finally be going the new farmer’s way, something we are sure we will learn about in more detail in the third series of Clarkson’s Farm which is currently being filmed.

Credit: Jeremy Clarkson via Twitter

Fans of the Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm has enjoyed the second series and it shows with the show breaking viewership records despite recent controversy.

Prime’s \Clarkson’s Farm season 2 has had a record-breaking viewership since it was released earlier this year. The news is according to Bard, the official audience research group and reported on Deadline.

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