Disney+ Release First-Look Trailer For ‘Full Monty’ Series

Disney+ Release First-Look Trailer For ‘Full Monty’ Series

The first trailer for the new series of Disney+ Full Monty has been released and we can’t be the only ones getting a little bit excited.- can we?

It was announced early last year that the original cast was coming together for a new series of Full Monty, a classic British film set in Sheffield from the 90s.

And now Disney+ has finally released the first-look trailer from the new series, which is set to pick up 25 years later still in Sheffield, otherwise known as the steel city.

Credit: Disney+

It promises the same “chaotic entourage of children, grandchildren, pets, and assorted hangers-on” from the 1996 classic Yorkshire film, which won a BAFTA Award for best film.

Watch the trailer for Disney+ Full Monty series below:

In the trailer, Dave, played by Mark Addy says: “You’re a dad. I just hope you don’t wake up one day and realize what you’ve missed,” to Gaz played by Robert Carlyle.

The trailer shows Gaz, who appears to have developed a self-care routine, applying a sheet mask and trimming his nose hair with a trimmer.

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New character, a teenage daughter hears the trimmer buzzing through the phone and he tells her it’s a helicopter. So, we will be getting the same silly humour as the classic film.

The boys seem to be returning to their roots as he says “This is going to be the greatest comeback,” later in the trailer. The boys have a little bit of fame left over from their original show getting recognised in the clip.

Credit: Everett

One group of strangers says: “You were strippers! Are you still doing it?” a stranger asks the group.

“What do you think?” Dave replies.

The eight-part drama as the original lineup from Full Monty, which was nominated for four Oscars in 1998 including Best Picture, and won Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score

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