Disturbing Hospital Scene In New Jimmy Savile Drama Leaves BBC Viewers Horrified

Disturbing Hospital Scene In New Jimmy Savile Drama Leaves BBC Viewers Horrified

The first episode of the new chilling BBC drama about Jimmy Savile, The Reckoning, aired last night, and one scene in particular left viewers feeling disturbed.

Savile died aged 84 in 2011 and this drama displays the TV personality at his worst. Highlighting him as a prolific abuser who preyed on teenage girls and young women as well as younger girls and boys.

Coogan’s portrayal of the despicable figure has been praised, and one scene in particular where Savile is dressed as a clown visiting a young girl in hospital made for hard viewing.

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In the scene, Savile asks a young female patient to ‘help look for his juggling balls’ encouraging her to ‘check his pockets whilst on a ward. Savile then grasps her hand and places it on his privates, which the victim responds by running away and hiding in a toilet refusing to leave until he’s gone.

Viewers were quick to show their disgust and how the hospital scene in particular had left the feeling disturbed.

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One viewer wrote: “The scene in the hospital is the absolute worst.”

And another agreed writing: “I know this series was going to hit hard, but it has actually made me sick to my stomach tonight watching this. I’ll give it to Steve Coogan – he is an incredible actor. It’s as though you’re literally watching Savile in all his evil action.”

Discussing playing Savile, Coogan said he felt “great trepidation” about taking on such a role.

He said: “I felt like there’s probably a handful of people in the country who could play the part, and I did consider myself one of them.”

“It wasn’t enjoyable, it was a professional challenge that I wanted to take on… I knew there was the potential for catastrophic failure if you get it wrong, but that’s not a reason not to do it.

Last night was the first episode of the series The Reckoning. If you missed it you can catch up via the BBC One and, or, BBC iPlayer.

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