Jeremy Clarkson Breaks Down Earnings From Farm As He Fears He’ll Have To Sell

Jeremy Clarkson Breaks Down Earnings From Farm As He Fears He’ll Have To Sell

As we wait patiently for another series of Clarkson’s Farm the hit Prime Video series, any news about the goings on on Diddly Squat fills us with joy, but the latest news in Jeremy Clarkson’s column in The Times was less cheery.

Clarkson discussed how much he earns and the costs involved with running his farm that was made famous thanks to Amazon Prime Video series set in the Cotswolds.

Things such as bad weather have had an impact on the farms earnings, the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire stated.

Credit: Prime Video

He notes that farming is a though, often thankless task that relies on the ability to predict certain things well in advance with little to no control whatsoever.

Clarkson claims most his crops either failed tests of failed altogether meaning he had to put in a lot of money to the farm with little to show for it.

He said: “This year, though, it was noticeably bad. Very bad. And what made it worse is that I normally invest maybe £40,000 in seeds, fertiliser and sprays.

“But last year, thanks to the war in Ukraine and the inflation that resulted, I had to invest £110,000.”

He continued: :And then, having done that, all I could do was hope the weather would be good. Which it wasn’t. In my first year of farming I made a profit of £114.”

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“That will look like a dream result when I get the figures for this year.”

Due to what he reckon is a disastrous year, the Grand Tour presenter states that he’s even considered selling the farm.

Having tried conventional farming, diversifying, getting cattle such as sheep, pigs and cows he says he “arrived at a crossroads. And was not sure which way to turn”

He continued: “I could sell the farm and earn far more from the interest than I do from growing bread and beer and vegetable oil.

“But I like having it and for very good reasons there are no death duties on farmland. So my children like me having it too.

“This means I have to hang on to it, but what then? Do nothing? That would be heartbreaking. So I have to do something. But what?”

Let’s hope for a better year at Diddly Squat Farm. Even so we can get another series out of Clarkson and the gang.

There’s no release date for the Clarkson Farm series three just yet, but Deadline report claims that the series is being lined up for a release in 2024.

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