10 Perfect Dog Walking Beaches In Yorkshire For You To Enjoy

10 Perfect Dog Walking Beaches In Yorkshire For You To Enjoy

Taking the dog out for a walk is one of life’s simple pleasures. There is always one thing you can guarantee and, that is that your dog will always be excited walks with you. So it’s our job as owners to give them something a little different now and again. And a good beach walk is one thing that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The Yorkshire coastline is a great way to blow out the cobwebs. The wind and sun’s rejuvenating factors are just as good for your body and soul as they are for the dog. We’ve picked out some of our, and your, favourite beach walks for you to try. We love to hear from you, so if you’ve tried, and drop us a comment telling us how you found it!

  1. 1. Hunmanby Gap

This beach near Filey has some spectacular views and a long stretch of beach to walk your little pooch on. There is plenty of space for you to let your dog have a little run and the you can go for a little paddle in the sea if you feel up to it. Take in the cliffside views as you walk along the beach with your dog. There is a car park, so make sure you bring some spare money.

2. Danes Dyke

Danes Dyke is a little bit different. The unique element to it is the beautiful white cliffs, and the plentiful supply of pebbles ( make sure to wear appropriate footwear). There is a car park with plenty of room, so you shouldn’t have problem getting parked. The car park charges, so bring change It is a steep walk down to the beach so be aware if you’re bringing nan, as she might struggle. It’s a gorgeous walk where you can check out the little pools of water that gather on the rocks to find sea creatures.

3. Runswick Bay

Whenever the beaches of Yorkshire are discussed, Runswick Bay is always high on everyone’s list. It is the most idyllic spot, and with views that we think could compare the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Get some time booked in and treat you and your pup to a visit. It is such a spectacular spot to take you little pooch for a walk on its golden sands. It’s such a peaceful place, and it is one we’d highly recommend you take your pooch!

4. Thornwick Bay

Thornwick Bay is a gem of the Yorkshire coastline, near Flamborough it is a beauty and pleasant beach perfect for a walk with the dog. It has some stunning views such as the incredible arch created by the sea over thousands of years. The beach is pebbly, but the sounds underfoot make for a relaxing stroll.

5. Bridlington Beach

Bridlington beach is a huge beach that stretches for miles. There are two sides to Bridlington beach, North and South. We tend to stick to the North beach and walk along close to the cliffs. If you feel like taking your dog in the sea, it’s nice for a paddle. The beach has so much space when the tide is out, so if you’re a little nervous about other dogs, it is a good beach for keeping away from others.

6. Mappleton Beach

Mappleton is a beautiful spot and a lovely drive out if you fancy somewhere different with your dog. It is a nice mix of pebbles and sand and is nice and long so you can go as far as you’d like with your pooch. Beautiful in all seasons, we highly recommend giving it a whirl.

7. Robin Hoods Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay is a quaint old fishing village on the Heritage Coast of the North York Moors. It’s a fantastic place to go with the pooch. It’s a great sandy beach and, there are rock pools for your pup to explore after it’s finished having a good old stretch of the legs along the beach. One of the coasts more popular destination, and with good reason.

8. Fraisthorpe

Fraisthrope is a hidden gem and is a favourite of locals and people who live close by. Its beaches are beautiful and sandy with plenty of room for your pooch to have a nosey around. Never too busy, it’s another one of those beaches that is good if you would like some space while you take you spend time with your doggo.

9. Saltburn-By-The-Sea

Saltburn is a beautiful place. Its pier is a spectacular design and enhances your walk as it is always nice to have some nice scenery while you and your dog saunter along. Follow the cliffs along and enjoy the beautiful view as you look out at the sea line along the Yorkshire coast. Wouldn’t your pup enjoy sniffing for sea creatures here, while you potter along behind?

10. Cayton Bay

Cayton is another one of those that you might want to leave your nan in the car. It’s a steep walk down to the beach, and it feels even steeper coming back up. It’s a fan favourite with surfers, so if you like taking in the sights of people catching a wave while you walk your pooch, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s nice and secluded and feels very calm, it’s near us this one and, we are always taking our dog down for some exploring time.

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