East Yorkshire Restaurant Reveals Whopping £22K Energy Bill Amid Price Hikes

East Yorkshire Restaurant Reveals Whopping £22K Energy Bill Amid Price Hikes

It’s no secret that the majority of the nation is going to suffer this winter, however, one thing that’s freshly coming to light is just how much some of the country’s local independents will, too.

Taking to Instagram to let their customers know what lies ahead for the business, Beverley’s The Pig & Whistle – a quaint bistro and tapas bar that’s well-loved by foodies – revealed that the business faces a “difficult time”, as energy prices for the small business are set to rise from £2,928 a year, to a whopping £22,516 annually.

On top of rising supplier costs, rent and staff, the new energy costs have forced the business to think of new ways to help give them the “best chance of getting through this”.

The business has revealed that they will be pausing any open recruitment to safeguard their current employees’ jobs, and is even considering changing their opening hours to help reduce their heating costs – which the business has worked out will be £125 daily.

Other local businesses have pitched in to share their shock, sharing their disappointment about the lack of conversation about how local businesses will struggle this winter, as well as their worries about managing the extra costs during the colder months.

The energy price cap will rise by a shocking 82% this October, with predictions that the average household will face bills of £3,600 per year – which works out at an incomprehensible £300 per month.

The government revealed earlier this year that households would receive a £400 discount on energy bills this winter, however, for many, this will be a drop in the ocean. The discount will be split out across the winter, with households receiving £66 in October and November and £67 in December, January, February and March.

It’s feared that families will be forced to choose between heating or eating this winter.

No further support has been announced from the government at this time, particularly for small businesses.

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[Featured image: The Pig & Whistle]

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