This Yorkshire Town Has Power Cuts Upto ‘Four-Times-A-Day’ Due To So Many Cannabis Farms

This Yorkshire Town Has Power Cuts Upto ‘Four-Times-A-Day’ Due To So Many Cannabis Farms

Residents in Rotherham South Yorkshire have been experiencing daily power cuts due to the number of cannabis farms using electricity to keep their farms going, reportedly. The criminals are making millions whilst locals are being forced into darkness by daily power cuts.

Credit: Photo © Ryk Rak (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Speaking out about the situation Local MP Sarah Champion claims the cannabis farms have been blowing the electricity up to ‘four-times-a-day’ in this hellish scenario. She said: “Firstly from the anti-social behaviour associated with it and criminal gangs having turf wars… It’s been a nightmare.”

The local police have shut down sixty-one cannabis farms being shut down, and 6,797 plants have been seized since October last year with a street value of £6.8million. They also arrested twenty-five drug workers for seventeen gangs, with ten since prosecuted and two jailed.

Rotherham’s district commander Chief Supt Steve Chapman said in a statement: “People involved in the production and supply of drugs have a detrimental impact on the local area.

“The power cuts were a real issue in the community; not only that, but the organised criminals behind most of these set-ups take advantage of society’s most vulnerable who are often coerced and forced in to harbouring drugs.

“Where drugs are, you are certain to find gang rivalry, violence and exploitation and we are going in hard in a bid to disrupt the supply chain.

“Gang crime and serious violence ruins too many lives and we are doing all we can to intervene early and target drugs as the root cause. My ask of the public is to support us in our efforts, report any concerns and help us to keep Rotherham a safe place to live.

“Northern Powergrid, which supplies the town’s electricity, said it had been cooperating with the authorities over the outages.

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