Everyone In The UK Needs To Drink 124 Pints To Save Their Local

Everyone In The UK Needs To Drink 124 Pints To Save Their Local

Yorkshire folk, your country needs you… to sup pints. According to the new analysis, punters will need to drink a total of 124 pints, or 122 glasses of wine to make up for the £25.66 billion that the industry lost thanks to COVID-19 restrictions over the last year.

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Campaigners shared a poster that read ‘Your Local Needs You, urging people to help support 40,000 pubs that are struggling to stay afloat. They said that you should either drink 124 pints of 122 glasses of wine to do just that.

If you’d like, you can try instead to eat 976 packets of crisps of 40 roast dinners. What the poster is actually pointing out is that if each customer spent an additional £382 this year it would help combat the damage COVID has made in the industry.

Although Yorkshire folk are keen drinkers, and will most likely spend a whoooole lot more this summer, you don’t need to drink all these pints in one go. But do try and make a conscious effort to help out the locals this coming year.

Company Debt, finance experts, said that punters spending a little extra over the bar over the next few months would help save the pubs.

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The company’s site says: “With the latest estimates suggesting that the UK’s food and beverage industry lost at least £25.66bn due to Covid-19 we wondered how much every person in the UK would need to spend in order to reach pre-pandemic levels.

“In particular we wondered how far that money would go in pubs, one of the most beleaguered sectors.

“We came up with a figure of 124 per pints per adult, based on a figure of 52 million adults in the UK.”

We are slowly coming out of lockdown restrictions with the net key date being 17th May, according to Boris Johnson’s road map. So, get out and enjoy yourself, knowing that you’re helping pubs stay afloat.

God bless the local!

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