Farmers Have Warned There’ll Be An ‘Indefinite’ Turkey Shortage This Christmas

Farmers Have Warned There’ll Be An ‘Indefinite’ Turkey Shortage This Christmas

It’s bad news this Christmas guys, because where we’d usually fill up on portion after portion of turkey, we might be forced to have… Chicken.

Warning that the current bird flu outbreak is having a huge effect on farmers, Brits could find themselves battling it out in the aisles this year, as it’s expected that turkey production across the entire country will be impacted.

Experts have also warned that due to the continually rising costs, many producers are finding it too expensive to rear the birds, ultimately deciding not to raise them for the upcoming festive season.

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It’s currently thought that because it’s predicted there will be fewer turkeys on the shelves this Christmas, low supply and high demand will drive up the prices of the traditional meat – meaning if you do find one, you might find yourself voluntarily picking up a chicken anyway.

Michael Bailey, turkey group chairman at the National Farmers’ Union of England and Wales (NFU) told the BBC: “There is definitely going to be a reduced production of turkeys for Christmas,”

“I know of several, smaller turkey farmers who are not going to do turkeys this year.

“There’s other larger producers who have decided to cut back – some by 50%, some 20%, just to reduce the risk.”

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