Fab Ice Lolly Cocktails Now Exist And They’re Perfect For This Weekend

Fab Ice Lolly Cocktails Now Exist And They’re Perfect For This Weekend
Childhood memories plus alcohol, always a winner!

Temperatures are high which tends to mean just one thing in the UK: alcohol – and we have a beverage that’s sure to keep you cool this weekend. We all love something a little bit sweet, and when it comes to ice lollies, nothing quite beats a Fab.

Instagram account ‘Quarantini Bar’ has been serving up some lush cocktails during this lockdown period, keeping us all well watered with a host of delicious and unique cocktails that are easy to recreate at home. Including the Fab lolly cocktail!

The ‘Fab Vodka Slush’ includes Vodka, ice-cream and ice (as well as a little something extra), and is just as tasty as it looks. Obviously, we had to try it out for ourselves and we highly recommend!


2 x shots of vodka
1/2 a shot of grenadine
2 x Fabs (plus two minis for the top)
1x Large scoop of vanilla ice cream💥
2 x Cups of ice
4 x Melted squares of milk chocolate
1 x Bowl of hundreds of thousands


  • Melt your chocolate in a microwave or on the hob in a glass bowl over boiling water.
  • Dip the glasses upside down into the chocolate, then dip into the sprinkles 
  • Leave to harden in the fridge whilst you make your cocktails
  • To make the bottom layer add: 2 Fab lollies, 1 x cup of ice, 1 x shot of Grenadine, 1 x shot of Vodka into a blender. 
  • To make the top white layer add: 1 x large scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1 shot of vodka, 1x cup of ice into a blender
  • Spoon your bottom layer into the glass first, followed by the white layer. Add slowly so it doesn’t mix together.

Et viola! You have the perfect cocktail to knock back on a summer day! Let us know if you try these out as we would love to see your attempts! And if you like the sound of this one, try out the Strongbow Dark Fruits cocktail too.

Feature Image Credit: Quarantini Bar

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