This Woodland Waterfall Walk Is A Hidden Gem In Yorkshire

This Woodland Waterfall Walk Is A Hidden Gem In Yorkshire

This little hidden gem with a view that is only beaten by its name, the Folly Dolly Falls is located in Meltham, Holmfirth. The area is well known for the filming of Yorkshire classic sitcom ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. The waterfall is a short walk, which takes around 1-hour round trip – great for a short meander.


The surprising little vista is located to the north of Meltham Greenway, just 250 metres from the road leading from Meltham to Huddersfield. The waterfall is made up of rocks of the Upper Carboniferous (Marsdenian) age that are around 310 million years old and formed of sandstone and shale.

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The walk to the waterfall is quite a nice easy amble along a wide path, once you find the gate, which is a gap in the fence you climb down to the waterfall. Along the way, you’ll walk past beautiful farmers fields with horses, make sure you follow the countryside code and be quiet and respectful.

Folly Dolly Falls
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As you head out of Meltham towards Helme, on the right-hand side you’ll spot a path that leads downhill towards the old railway line. Head left into the woodland where you’ll find the hidden gem in the beautiful trees.

The falls are an idyllic setting, surrounded by lush greenery and found down in a hidden spot like something out of a children’s fairy tale. If you visit, you’re sure to get some amazing photographs and a nice peaceful little time to explore. The line of the fault runs down the rock face to the left of the waterfall.

The brilliant village of Meltham is a great spot to enjoy some dinner or a few ales afterwards as a reward.

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