You Can Stay In Nora Batty’s Cottage Surrounded By Stunning West Yorkshire Countryside

You Can Stay In Nora Batty’s Cottage Surrounded By Stunning West Yorkshire Countryside

Last of the Summer Wine was a quintessential British sitcom and remains the longest-running comedy series in TV history. And, one fan favourite character that you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of was Nora Batty and you can stay at Nora Batty’s cottage in Holmfirth.

That’s right located in the heart of the Holme Valley where Last of the Summer Wine was filmed. You can stay at Nora Batty’s cottage and it’s as nostalgic as you can imagine.

Credit: Nora Batty’s Cottage

Nora’s home featured in the opening shot of the first-ever episode of the sitcom until the last of the 295 episodes the show ran for over 38 years – so you’d be staying in a piece of history.

Located at No. 28 Huddersfield Road the picturesque riverside cottage has some of the most famous steps in television history. Nora Batty’s Cottage is a characterful two-bedtroom terraced house furnished and maintained exactly how Nora would have like it.

The whole terraced house is a homage to Nora Batty and Last of the Summer wine with wonderful pictures displayed throughout.

Nora Batty's Cottage
Credit: Nora Batty’s Cottage

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Number 28 Huddersfield Road might be considered a rather unremarkable-sounding address, but it is, in fact, one of the most recognisable locations in the history of British television. This is because the picturesque riverside cottage, accessed by its famous steps, is the prim and proper home of none other than bossy battleaxe and TV comedy icon, Nora Batty.

Vintage, retro, and more just the right amount of nostalgia, Nora Batty’s cottage is the perfect home-from- home.

Nora Batty's Cottage
Credit: Nora Batty’s Cottage

Places to eat and drink nearby to Nora Batty’s Cottage

Just becomes Nora’s house remains a nostalgic haven doesn’t mean Holmfirth hasn’t change. The landscape remains a beautiful reminder of the sitcom with its green roll hills, but the food options are vast.

Pop to Poppa Piccolino’s Italin restaurant for an authentic Italian experience, or Bengal Spice for a lovely Indian dining experience. And, it would be a quaint Yorkshire setting without a tearoom and Wrinkled Stocking Tea Rooms is next door to the cottage and was founded by Holmfirth tourism champion Dorothy Gregg.

What to do in the Holmfirth and the Holme Valley region

Situated in the heart of the Holme Valley, Holmfirth is an excellent place to head to if you’re looking for breathtaking views and lovely walks. It’s well known as the location where Last of The Summer Wine was set, but there is much more to the town than that.

Check out our list of places to visit in the region:

  • Rock Inn
  • Cawthorne Antiques & Collectors Centre
  • The Cider Press Shop & Cafe
  • Summer Wine Exhibition
  • Beaumont Park
  • Beautissimo Spa

If you’d like to stay you can visit the website for more information or contact them via email

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