You Can Stay In A Vintage Train Carriage At Goathland Station

You Can Stay In A Vintage Train Carriage At Goathland Station

There’s something just so magnificent about Goathland station. Its well-preserved Victorian structure sends visitors back in time, and with the addition of actual steam trains running through the station – you’d be easily mistaken in thinking you’ve stepped foot into a silent movie.

The quaint attraction brings in hundreds of Harry Potter and Heartbeat fans every single year, among, of course, those who can appreciate its old worldly charm, but did you know you can also spend the night there, too?

Goathland station camping coach
Credit: NYMR

Sitting just behind the platform lies a vintage ‘camping’ coach, which has been refitted to contain everything a guest would need for a cosy and comfortable stay, all while retaining that classic, early 1900s style that seems to be synonymous with vintage, British travel.

Split out into three living spaces, the camping carriage includes a warming living room, a kitchen, a twin bedroom, and a double bedroom, and is even complete with a shower room, too, for convenience.

Inside Goathland station camping coach accommodation
Credit: Charlotte Graham/NYMR

There are plenty of nods to the carriage’s past life, too, including the varnished, wooden walls, the curved roof, and wall-mounted lighting.

Our favourite feature, however, has to be the unique views over the station. Sitting just behind one of the station’s platforms, guests can stare out onto the iconic station’s beautiful booking office – which to this day looks exactly how it would have back in 1908, when NYMR initially restored the station.

The railway line that runs through the station closed back in 1965, however, today, heritage steam trains operated by NYMR still run through the station during the warmer months. Book at the right time, and you might be treated to a glimpse of the steam trains yourself.

Bedroom of Goathland station camping carriage accommodation
Credit: Charlotte Graham/NYMR

The station has also acted as a set for high profile TV projects such as All Creatures Great and Small and, of course, Heartbeat, and even appeared in Harry Potter as Hogsmeade station – meaning you’re not just sleeping on a piece of British history, but an iconic movie set, too.

The camping carriage is available to book on specific nights during the winter months, and prices start at just £550 for a 3-night stay. Find out more here.

[Featured image: Photo © Andrew Curtis (cc-by-sa/2.0)]

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