20 Harry Potter-Themed Places In Yorkshire That Every Fan Should Visit

20 Harry Potter-Themed Places In Yorkshire That Every Fan Should Visit

Harry Potter season is approaching thick and fast, so it’s only right that we grab a blanket, settle our bottoms on the sofa and buckle up with our Chocolate Frogs for a huge movie marathon. But nothing beats experiencing the magic of the wizarding world in real life – and Yorkshire has plenty of magic on offer so you can do just that. Without further ado, here’s our ultimate guide to the very best Harry Potter themed locations in Yorkshire.

Goathland Station, the original Hogsmeade Station | Credit: Philip – stock.adobe.com

1. Malham Cove

Where is it? 📍 Malham, the Yorkshire Dales.

What to see ✨ Climb up to the Cove and you’ll be sitting right on top of one of the actual filming locations, which can be seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The spot is Harry and Hermione’s hideout while on the hunt for Horcruxes, with the top of the cove featuring in a number of shots.

2. Goathland Station

Where is it? 📍 Goathland, Whitby.

What to see ✨ Goathland Station was used as the original Hogsmeade Station in the first Harry Potter movie. Not only that, but the North York Moors Railway also runs through it, so you’ll be treated to sights of heritage steam trains, similar to those used in the movies which take the students to Hogwarts.

3. North York Moors Railway

Where is it? 📍 Pickering, North Yorkshire.

What to see ✨ The heritage North York Moors Railway runs from Pickering to Whitby – and while you won’t exactly get to sit on one of the trains from the film, it’s close enough – with steam-hauled trains featuring traditional decor running the route.

4. The Shop That Must Not Be Named, York

Where is it? 📍 The Shambles, York.

What to see ✨ The shop stocks a number of Harry Potter-themed merchandise, including wands, books, jewellery and more. Not only that, but it sits on the very street that served as the inspiration for Diagon Alley.

5. The Shambles, York

Credit: Alexey Fedorenko – stock.adobe.com

Where is it? 📍 York city centre.

What to see ✨ The Shambles is actually one of the many places that inspired JK Rowling when creating the world of Harry Potter – and as you’ll probably guess from just one quick glance, the particular inspiration here was for the eclectic Diagon Alley, which Harry visits numerous times throughout the series. Except that one time he ended up on Knockturn Alley. Oops.

6. The Potion’s Cauldron, York

Where is it? 📍 The Shambles, York.

What to see ✨ The Potion’s Cauldron offers a pretty unique experience for Harry Potter fans visiting York, allowing guests to create their own potions, drink their very own Butterbeer, and even purchase a number of gorgeous, magic-themed drinks, bottles and nik naks.

7. The Boy Wizard, York

Where is it? 📍 The Shambles, York.

What to see ✨ Another great little shop for Harry Potter themed merch for the mega fans among us.

8. World of Wizardry, York

Where is it? 📍 The Shambles, York.

What to see ✨ A lovely little store stocking Harry Potter merch, including sweet treats, clothing and more.

9. The Hole In The Wand, York (Coming Soon)

Where is it? 📍 Plans have currently been made to take over a site on Coppergate.

What to see ✨ The fabulous duo behind The Potion’s Cauldron are currently working on a brilliant new concept, which would allow budding witches and wizards to play games of Harry Potter-inspired crazy golf, as well as experience a magical Afternoon Tea.

10. The King’s Bridge at York Train Station

Where is it? 📍 York Train Station.

What to see ✨ The interior of York Train Station was used in the first ever Harry Potter movie, and you’ll be able to spot it when Hagrid takes Harry through the train station – which is meant to be King’s Cross in the film. The walkway bridge over the platforms, in particular, was used in the final shots.

11. The Wizard Bus Tour, York

Where is it? 📍 The Memorial Gardens, York.

What to see ✨ The Wizard Bus Tour allows fans to explore a number of Harry Potter-linked sights, including Durham Cathedral, Goathland Station and, of course, The Shambles. Currently, rides are suspended – but keep your eyes peeled for the tour’s return in the future.

12. The Steel Cauldron, Sheffield

Credit: The Steel Cauldron

Where is it? 📍 Spooner Road, Sheffield.

What to see ✨ If you’re looking for a place to wind down during your next visit to Sheffield, check out The Steel Cauldron – a wonderful little tearoom inspired by the films. From owls, to quirky library-themed decor and magical touches throughout, it’s a brilliant nod to the famous films.

13. The Shop Under The Stairs, Sheffield

Where is it? 📍 Meadowhall, Sheffield.

What to see ✨ The Shop Under The Stairs (which features a great name, we must say) specialises in magical Harry Potter themed gifts, with gorgeous home items, merchandise and more to explore.

14. Cosmic Gifts, Bridlington

Where is it? 📍 Queen Street, Bridlington.

What to see ✨ If you’re looking for a minute away from the muggles next time you’re in Bridlington, check out Cosmic Gifts – a local gift store packed with Harry Potter themed goodies – as well as treats from other famous franchises, too.

15. The Geek Side, Skipton

Where is it? 📍 Craven Court, Skipton.

What to see ✨ The perfect spot for any Harry Potter fan next time you’re out and about in Skipton. Pick up gifts, merch and more themed around the magical movie, as well as other items from Marvel, Star Wars and DC.

16. The Dorm Room, North York Moors

Where is it? 📍 Liverton, Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

What to see ✨ If you’re looking for something extra special – the Dorm Room will hit the spot. Themed around the Gryffindor bedrooms, guests can transport themselves to Hogwarts for a cosy stay by the beautiful North York Moors.

17. The Ground Keeper’s Cottage, North York Moors

Credit: North Shire

Where is it? 📍 Liverton, Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

What to see ✨ Have a sleepover in a magical hut inspired by Hagrid’s hut, fully decked out with cosy decor for you and your mates to have the ultimate getaway. The spot is right by the North York Moors, too, so you’re ideally located to explore North Yorkshire in all of its glory.

18. Sherlock’s Coffee Shop, Whitby

Where is it? 📍 Flowergate, Whitby.

What to see ✨ Ok, so it’s not specifically Harry Potter themed, but it sure feels like it when you walk through the door. The quirky little spot is a lovely break from exploring historical Whitby, with cosy little nooks and crannies and little details emulating the wizarding world.

19. Hardwick Hall 

Where is it? 📍 Chesterfield.

What to see ✨ Not technically Yorkshire, we admit – but near enough for us to visit being nearby to Sheffield. Hardwick Hall was actually used as the exterior for Malfoy Manor – albeit with a little bit of CGI to create the looming towers and make it more sinister looking.

20. The Enchantment Chamber, York

Where is it? 📍 Navigation Road, York.

What to see ✨ An apartment themed around the magical world of Harry Potter, The Enchantment Chamber takes inspiration from Hogwarts’ dorm rooms – with a four poster bed, caged owls, and even piled up luggage nodding to the fan-favourite movie. Book it here.

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