Gregg’s Are Giving Away £7m In Staff Bonuses After “Exceptional” 2019

Gregg’s Are Giving Away £7m In Staff Bonuses After “Exceptional” 2019
Get me a job at Gregg's...

From genius marketing to jumping on the vegan bandwagon in the form of delicious pastries, it doesn’t take a businessman to guess that Gregg’s had a pretty good year last year – and the pastry giant has confirmed it by announcing that they’ll be giving an absolutely massive £7m away in bonuses to their employees.

Someone tell me why I don’t work at Gregg’s, again?

The nationwide bakery has confirmed it had an “exceptional” year last year, and has put aside the whopping pot of money which will be divided between employees at the end of January. What a great way to start the year!

But it wasn’t all just down to the vegan sausage rolls. Last year, Gregg’s sales increased by 13% and the chain opened 138 new stores across the country – meaning more Gregg’s for everyone to enjoy!

Commenting on the gesture, chief exec Roger Whiteside said:

“I am delighted to announce that we will also be making a special additional payment to all of our colleagues across the business who have worked so hard to deliver this success in what has been a phenomenal year.

“Looking to the year ahead, we face strong sales comparatives and cost inflation headwinds present a challenge.

“However, with strong momentum in the business we see further growth opportunities across a number of channels as we invest in new ways to make Greggs more accessible and convenient for customers.

Gregg’s has enjoyed serious success this year with new product development, so much so that 2020 has seen them roll out further vegan products to maintain customer satisfaction. Safe to say they’re “rolling” in it these days… Geddit??? *Face palm*.

In other pastry related news, Coopland’s have recently rolled out 100% vegan bread in all of their Yorkshire-based bakeries, and quietly released their very own vegan sausage roll – which is top notch, may I add.

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