You Can Now Get Halloween Costumes For Your Dog From Just £1.50

If anyone deserves all the treats this Halloween, it’s definitely our pooches. There for us every second of the day, there isn’t a single time of year we wouldn’t spoil them – All Hallows’ Eve included. And providing the perfect goods for them this year is Pets At Home, who’ve just released their brand new Halloween range for 2020.

Credit: Pets At Home

Getting your pets in on the lockdown fun this Halloween, puppers can channel their inner ghostly beings – with costumes such as a witches hat (just £1.50), a full pumpkin outfit, skeleton onesies and even spider costumes.

If your dog, like many, isn’t a fan of getting dressed up – there’s little collar sliders fitting the Halloween theme, as well as devil horns and even a little tail that can be attached to their wagging bottoms. If your pup’s more of a princess, you can pick up a cute unicorn costume (£7) and a seriously cute angel wing harness, too. Now all we need is the matching human costumes…

Credit: Pets At Home

Speaking of the new range, Pets At Home said in a statement: “Pets at Home understands that pets are part of our family, so it’s natural to include our four-legged companions in fun and special events,” before adding some essential advice for pet owners when dressing them up.

  • Give your dog space: it’s important for them to feel like they have a choice and that they can escape if they’re uncomfortable, as opposed to feeling cornered or threatened
  • Make the experience a positive one: only let them wear outfits for a few minutes at a time initially and give them their favourite treats to create a positive association
  • Introduce accessories or costumes gradually: it can take time and it’s not something you can always jump straight into
  • Look out for signs of them becoming overwhelmed or upset: including tucking their tail under, flattening their ears, turning their head away or easily missed signs such as licking their lips or yawning; it’s important they’re never ignored
  • Never force your pet: if they become overwhelmed or upset, your pet can still join in the fun with simpler, less intrusive accessories like collar sliders and bandanas

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[Featured image: Pets At Home]