Gulliver’s Valley, South Yorkshire’s New Theme Park, Is Set To Open Next Month

Gulliver’s Valley, South Yorkshire’s New Theme Park, Is Set To Open Next Month

Yorkshire has a new theme park on the way and it’s finally opening its gates to the public in July. It seems like too long ago that I’ve queued up for half an hour for the best 5 minutes of my life, and now, Gulliver’s Valley is opening up in South Yorkshire with a huge new theme park.

Set in the countryside with 250 hectares of fun, the new site boasts 50 amazing attractions – 26 of which are super fun rides. It is sure to keep your kids entertained after 3 months in lockdown and with staycations the story of 2020, what better way to keep them occupied? The park includes various food options, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas and two on-site restaurants.

Credit: Gulliver’s Valley

Julie Dalton, Managing Director at Gulliver’s Valley, has said “From bigger rides through to smaller rides, we are caring for that family market. Everything has been thought out so the whole family can enjoy their visit.”

“The prime reason for choosing South Yorkshire was because of the people. What we saw when we came here is it is a really friendly group of people.”

Precautions will be taken to ensure safety against COVID-19, with hand sanitising stations, sinks, strict cleaning measures and social distancing rules across the entire site.

No official opening date has been announced for the park, which was originally due to open in May, however, Gulliver’s Valley Yorkshire hopes to welcome its first-ever visitors before the end of July.

[Featured image: Gulliver’s Valley]

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