Yorkshire Has Been Named The Happiest Place In England, But Of Course It Has

In a brand new study, Yorkshire and the Humber has come out on top, officially being crowned the happiest place in England. But of course!

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Undertaken by Yorkshire-based marketing agency Blueclaw, more than 1,000 tweets were tracked with the use of popular, positive hashtags over a seven-day period, with the data being used to determine which places in England were the most positive.

Credit: Unsplash

Yorkshire grit is no hidden trait, and if there’s one thing we’re proud of in our region, it’s our ability to get on with it with a beer in hand and a big old smile on our faces – so it’s really no wonder we came out on top. Yorkshire came out as the winner with the highest average of happy tweets per person in England, followed by both London and Norfolk. See the full list below:

Top 10 “happiest places in England”

  1. Yorkshire and the Humber
  2. Norfolk
  3. Greater London
  4. Cheshire East
  5. Brighton and Hove
  6. North Yorkshire
  7. Kingston-upon-Hull
  8. Greater Manchester
  9. North West England
  10. Bournemouth

Top 10 “least happy places in England”

  1. City of London
  2. Essex
  3. Lancashire
  4. Hertfordshire
  5. Kent
  6. Hampshire
  7. Surrey
  8. Northamptonshire
  9. Gloucestershire
  10. Oxfordshire

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