Happy Valley’s Sarah Lancashire Stepped In To Change The Show’s Finale Believing It ‘Didn’t Feel Right’

Happy Valley’s Sarah Lancashire Stepped In To Change The Show’s Finale Believing It ‘Didn’t Feel Right’

With only a few hours left to go before the finale of the popular BBC Drama Happy Valley, we can’t contain our excitement. The clash between Tommy Lee Royce and Sergeant Catherine Cawood is upon us, but how will it end?

No matter which way it ends, an interesting development is that Sarah Lancashire who plays Catherine stepped in to change the ending arguing it “didn’t feel right”.

The finale of the drama brings an end to an exceptional three series written by Sally Wainright set in the Calderdale region of West Yorkshire.

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The Mirror reported that James Norton, who plays Tommy Lee Royce, revealed during an interview with The Big Issue that Sarah actually got the ending changed.

Norton disclosed that: “We had one version of the end that didn’t feel quite right. Sally knew it and Sarah spoke up and said it doesn’t feel right.

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“A month later, we got a new script and it all fell into place. It was magical.”

There is only a small few that know how the series will end with multiple endings filmed to avoid any leaks, with scripts that were only seen by those who need to know.

Credit: BBC

According to a source who spoke to the Mail Online: “The scripts were seen by those who needed to see them but even they haven’t given away how things will come to an end because the scenes were filmed in different ways.

“From the beginning of the planning of series three, Sally and her team wanted to end the show in a sensational way and give viewers an ending they won’t forget – she also didn’t want any spoilers to ruin things.

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“It is going to be epic, and all the more so because nobody knows the ending. It has been really cleverly done to keep fans guessing right up until the very end.”

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