BBC Release First-Look Trailer For The Final Episode Of ‘Happy Valley’

BBC Release First-Look Trailer For The Final Episode Of ‘Happy Valley’

Less than a week left until Britain’s top drama comes to an end and the Happy Valley finale trailer, which will see Catherine Caewood’s showdown with escaped murderer Tommy Lee Royce, has been released.

The BBC isn’t messing around. They’ve already released the trailer for the final episode, which will conclude the much-loved series set in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Watch the trailer for the Happy Valley finale below:

The 16-second Happy Valley finale trailer doesn’t give much away. We see Ryan being questioned by the police about when Royce was last in contact with him along with glimpses of various scenes from the final episode.

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Catherine can be seen in tears saying before the camera cuts: “He’s still out there. He’s going to be angry and he’s going to be even more desperate and dangerous” in reference to the dangerous killer.

There are various strands to the story that needs to be tied up in Sunday’s episode. Will Faisal be caught for the murder of Rob’s wife or will Rob, the abusive partner, take the rap?

Fans of the show have their own final episode predictions and believe that Ryan is the key to the final episode and that it will all revolve around him.

Don’t miss the final episode of Sally Wainright’s Happy Valley, which is set to air 9pm on Sunday BBC One. Catch-up on BBC iPlayer here.

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