BBC’s ‘Happy Valley’ Fans Call For Sarah Lancashire To Be Made A Dame

BBC’s ‘Happy Valley’ Fans Call For Sarah Lancashire To Be Made A Dame

Happy Valley is all the nation is talking about at the minute and with the finale, less than a week away fans of the show are calling for Sarah Lancashire to be made a dame – and we couldn’t agree more.

The BBC drama returned this January after a huge hiatus, which the actor who played Ryan explained it was to allow his character to age. And, since the BAFTA-winning show returned it hasn’t lost anyone of its magic and fans are enamoured with the show.

So much so, the BBC viewers are calling for Sarah Lancashire who plays Sergeant Catherine Caewood to be made a Dame after her impeccable performance in the body of work.

Sarah Lancashire dame
Credit: BBC

Taking to social media fans were asking King Charles to make the actor a Dame after being so moved by her performance. With one person writing: “When is Sarah Lancashire going to become Dame Sarah …. It’s about damn time!!! #HappyValley #SarahLancashire.”

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Another person wrote. “Sarah Lancashire deserves to be a Dame … outstanding actor delivering some superb lines so deadpan #HappyValley #DameSarah.”

And this isn’t the first time people have shown their appreciation for Sarah Lancashire’s performance with fans hailing her as the ‘best actress of all time’ after her performance in Happy Valley.

One thing is for sure after this series King Charles should make Sarah Lancashire a Dame or she needs some kind of accolade for giving such a believable and enrapturing performance.

We’ll be following her career closely after her memorable performance in the hit series along with writer Sally Wainright that has created a tapestry of fantastic characters over the three series.

The final episode is on Sunday 9pm on BBC One – and is sure to be one of the most-watched programmes of the year without a doubt.

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