Happy Valley’s Tommy Lee Royce, Played By James Norton, Voted UK’s Top TV Villain

Happy Valley’s Tommy Lee Royce, Played By James Norton, Voted UK’s Top TV Villain

The endings to BBC’s Happy Valley has had such an impact that people are still talking about it and the newest revelation comes from a recent survey that named Tommy Lee Royce the UK’s top TV villain.

He beat out the likes of Killing Eve’s Villanelle and Sherlock Holmes’ Moriarty to receive the gold for best psychopath for a range of reasons.

Royce received 18% of the vote just beating out the assassin Villanelle who gained 17.5% of the vote. And, it’s not surprising especially with that Happy Valley finale.

Other villains mentioned were Dallas’s J R Ewing came in third and Coronation Street killer Richard Hillman also came in the top five.

Credit: BBC

Nemesis to Sarah Lancashire’s Sergeant Catherine Cawood, Royce had the nation gripped with over 7.5 million viewers tuning in to watch the final episode last month.

His performance in the third and final series of the drama had people calling for him to be made the next James Bond as Daniel Craig stepped down from the role. Something we would be overjoyed to happen for the Malton lad.

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In the survey by WatchTVAbroad.com, 26% of female viewers picked him as their top villain compared to 10% of men, which we can’t imagine has anything to do with his good looks and great Yorkshire accent.

And it seems that older generation enjoyed his performance, as 26% of those over 55 named Tommy as their number one villain and people aged 16-24 named

Credit: BBC

Jeff Richey, TV analyst at WatchTVAbroad.com, said: “Following three brilliant series, millions of Brits will now have a Happy Valley-shaped hole in their hearts. Yet as well as the fantastic Sergeant Catherine Cawood, this research shows that in Tommy Lee Royce, the show also delivered a brilliant and despicable baddy.

“Whether it’s a sci-fi, soap opera or cartoon, a great villain can make a TV show truly memorable long after its final scenes.

“Many of the criminals and creeps that make up our rogues’ gallery are not on our screens any longer but they continue to be the characters we love to hate.”

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Credit: BBC

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