Viewers Rave Over ‘Best Ending Ever’ For ‘Happy Valley’

Viewers Rave Over ‘Best Ending Ever’ For ‘Happy Valley’

Be aware this article contains spoilers…

Last night’s episode. Wow. No words. Intense, moving and funny. We were taken on a whirl of emotions every ten minutes throughout the episode, which we’ve come to expect from the brilliant writing of Sally Wainright and of course Catherine Cawood’s dark and off-the-cuff sense of humour.

But, what was the audience’s response to the Happy Valley final episode?

We asked our audience their thoughts on whether or not the final episode lived up to their expectations. Seems to be the most challenging part of a writer’s job is to conclude a series nicely and on the whole, it seems the audience was happy with how things ended.

Credit: BBC

We had over 1,000 votes and 81% of you thought that the ending lived up to expectations and resolved itself nicely. There was an air that the Catherine and Tommy showdown resolved the plot nicely tying up the loose ends. The scene in Catherine’s kitchen is both tense and hilarious. Both actors portray their characters perfectly.

One person wrote about the ending: “Brilliant! And all the loose ends wrapped up in the leaving office scene”. Another shared their thoughts on how it would end writing: “I thought there would be a massive fight scene between Catherine and Tommy and Ryan… but I did like the way it ended” sharing that the home truths needed to be said.

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Saying that 19% of the audience we asked were left unsatisfied with the conclusion with many unhappy with the quick resolution of the Faisal murder plot, which it was said kinda just fizzled and out was wrapped up quickly.

But, as it is with series with a certain amount of episodes you can’t expect everything to be given the same attention. We felt that picking the Tommy and Catherine plot was much more valuable than the Faisal story.

Although saying that it would have been lovely to see Faisal caught for his actions, you can’t win them all.

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