Clive Helps Reuben Make Tough Decisions On New Show ‘Beyond The Yorkshire Farm’

Clive Helps Reuben Make Tough Decisions On New Show ‘Beyond The Yorkshire Farm’

Channel 5 Our Yorkshire Farm spin-off Beyond The Yorkshire Farm has proved popular with fans as it drew in 1.7 million views on Tuesday night. Reuben and Clive Owen are establishing the perfect pairing.

Tuesday night’s episode staring the father-son duo had Reuben forced to make tough decisions within minutes of the show starting. Clive, 68, and his son Reuben, 18, have been helped by Reuben’s girlfriend Sarah and his best friend Tom.

The group had to construct a 30ft dry stone wall and a pathway out of the granite with which Clive has a wealth of experience so he was willing to share his knowledge.

During the episode friend, Tom and Reuben discussed Tom working full-time with Reuben stating he’d “had enough of school” and wanted to be “more hands-on”.

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Dad Clive was all set to offer a helping hand as he has a wealth of experience working with stone. However, before getting stuck, he faced a personal dilemma as his pal Tom was considering quitting college to work full-time with Reuben.

Reuben had the difficult decision of whether or not to take on Tom as staff. With his wealth of experience, Clive was on hand to offer some advice saying: “This is your first winter and you’ve never done it before.”

He continued: “He’s always busy and he is helpful. He is a great fella, I really like him and you two seem to get on well. It’s funny how things turn out and I’m sure they will.”

After speaking with Clive, Reuben made the tough decision to not take on Tom full-time, but to work together once work picked up.

The write-up for the brand-new episode said: “It is 18-year-old Reuben’s first autumn in enterprise and there are classes for the entire crew as they tackle a super-sized stonework undertaking.”

Catch up n the latest episodes on My5 here.

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