Harrison Ford Spotted Filming Indiana Jones In North Yorkshire Village

Harrison Ford Spotted Filming Indiana Jones In North Yorkshire Village

Get excited – yet another celebrity has been spotted in the North York Moors once more. Never mind heading to London, if you want to meet famous people, head over to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and you’re sure to bump into a celeb.

Credit: Vicki Lave

This time around, it is Harrison Ford, the star of hit films such as Star Wars and Blade Runner. Ford is in the North York Moors filming the newest instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise. He was spotted in the village of Grosmont and stopped to chat with fans in full get-up, Fadora and all.

Vicki Lave caught a snap of the actor in his iconic outfit and face mask as they saw him emerge from Grosmont Tunnel during filming. Lave posted her picture on Twitter and commented that her “son asked if he Indiana Jones and he tipped his hat and said no, he was just the stunt double.” before stopping to chat with the family. 

Credit: IMDB

The newest edition of the Indiana Jones franchise will be the fifth film in the franchise, which has now been running for 40 years. Very impressive. We can’t wait to see what Indiana Jones has for us in this next film – we are sure it will be an action-packed endeavour.

Tom Cruise was seen filming in the North York Moors last month, his latest instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise. Pictures caught leaving his helicopter and waving to fans that have appeared to catch a glimpse of the A-list celebrity.

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Feature Image Credit: IMDB

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