You Can Now Have A ‘Harry Potter’ Marathon At UK Cinemas

Treats have been few and far between in 2020, I think we can all agree. But we’ve found a little something for all Potterheads that will surely cheer you up. Beginning this month at Vue cinemas, fans of the famous Harry Potter franchise will be able to channel their inner child and say cheers to Butterbeers – because it’s Potter time.

Credit: Warner Bros

Everyone has had a Potter session at least once a year, if not more. Pretty sure I’ve had at least two thanks to lockdown. If you flick on ITV nine times out of ten it will be on on a Saturday. But, I can’t say I’ve got to see them all on the big screen – so the exciting news of a huge Potter binge-fest at Vue cinemas nationwide has pricked my ears.

The cinema chain will revisit all eight films from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone right through the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. And it’s starting this week, too, with the first showings on Friday 2nd at Vue cinemas – kicking off with the first four films back-to-back.

Credit: Warner Bros

If you can wait another week, on Friday the 9th of October the last four films will be shown back-to-back to complete the marathon.

Eduardo Leal, Head of Screen Content at Vue Entertainment, said: “The Harry Potter films are some of our most-requested at Vue so we are thrilled to be able to treat fans to the whole series.

“Whether you’re a hardcore fan who wants to binge the lot, a complete newcomer to the wizarding world, or if you just want to relive a particular favourite from the series, there is no better way to experience these great stories than on the big screen with the ultimate picture and sound quality.”

The marathon will run for two weeks only, so if you want to to get involved and enjoy a bit of nostalgia, book your tickets here.

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