Helen Skelton Set To Present New BBC Show In Lake District ‘Lost And Found In The Lakes’

Helen Skelton Set To Present New BBC Show In Lake District ‘Lost And Found In The Lakes’

Helen Skelton from Channel 5’s Spring on the Farm is set to present a new BBC documentary Lost and Found in the Lakes exploring the Lake District.

The new show will be made up of 15 episodes with Skelton and a team of experts reuniting people with treasured possessions they believed to be gone, according to BBC press release.

Skelton recently featured alongside Dan Walker in Dan & Helen’s Pennine Adventure. Th four-part series showed Dan and Helen join forces to explore the Pennine trail, engaging with local residents and workers along the way. Their journey unveiled the area’s well-kept secrets and hidden treasures, providing a unique insight into the region.

Skelton’s new show for the BBC ,Lost and Found in the Lakes, will show her joined by divers, magnet fishers and detectorists for, dredging lakebeds and hunting through forestry.

A synopsis for the show reads: “They’ll take what they find back to base, either to reunite them with their delighted owners, or to start the process of working out who the items might belong to. To do this, they enlist help of a specialist social media detective, who will create online campaigns to help reunite owners with their lost possessions.”

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“Some of the unclaimed items will be given an extraordinary and sometimes ingenious new lease of life by one of the area’s talented craftspeople too.”

Talking about her new show in a statement Skelton said: “Thrilled to be part of this series filmed in my beloved Lake District. It’s a chance to showcase the areas natural beauty and by reuniting people with their lost treasures we have a chance to share some heart-warming stories.”

Zoe Thorman, Executive Producer at Ty’r Ddraig commented: “It is amazing to be able to use the beautiful location of the Lakes as the backdrop for our series. We brought some very talented people on board, to help Helen clean up and restore the items found across the Lakes and surrounding areas, including some retrieved from the lakebeds.

“I think viewers are in for a treat as the series combines beautiful scenery, wonderful craftsmanship, touching human stories, and the suspense of whether the much loved items will be found by the team or not.”

We aren’t sure of an air date yet, but will update when we have more information.

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Feature Image Credit: BBC/ Ty’r Ddraig