This Hilarious Road Markings Mistake In Yorkshire Has People In Stitches

This Hilarious Road Markings Mistake In Yorkshire Has People In Stitches

Hilarious road sign mistakes are always gun. and this one in North Yorkshire has been piquing people’s interest with commentators sayings it’s quite fitting for God’s Own Country.

The error in question is located in Scarborough, North Yorkshire outside the Jobcentre, which adds an element of irony to the grammatical error.

The road marking in Scarborough reads ‘Town Cenre’, missing out the all-important ‘t’ – which has led people to hint that maybe the person who’s working it may be needed to pop to the Jobcentre.

Residents and others are sharing their amusement at the spelling mistake with one person writing: “they had one job!” and another commented maybe that they’re trying to save a bit of money.

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Others have said they’re managed to get to road markings down to a tee, saying it is a fitting Yorkshire accent as Yorkshire folk are renowned for missing out letters and sometimes whole words in sentences.

Another agreed with this theory writing: “We don’t pronounce the Ts.

It’s unclear when the road markings will be corrected, but for now, residents in Scarborough can enjoy pointing out the spelling error.

In other news in North Yorkshire, the historic city of York has been named in the top ten most romantic cities across the UK by a new study about the best places for couples to head this year.

New research into the top 10 most romantic city break destinations in the UK has included York as one of its tops recommended places to visit this year.

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