This Yorkshire Attraction Lets You Go Canyoning Down England’s Highest Waterfall

This Yorkshire Attraction Lets You Go Canyoning Down England’s Highest Waterfall

There’s a sense of adventure that comes from discovering all of Yorkshire’s many hidden gems. “Imagine scrambling down that waterfall like a kid in a playground”, “I’d love to just jump in that water” – we’ve all had the thoughts. And luckily for us dreamers, there’s one place in the Yorkshire Dales where those thoughts could actually become a reality.

Credit: Photo © Chris Gunns (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Found in the beautiful Nidderdale countryside, just North of Pateley Bridge, How Stean Gorge is so much more than a simple, natural wonder.

A stunning limestone ravine located within the area of outstanding natural beauty (Nidderdale’s well deserved honour), visitors are invited to truly explore the gorge – abseiling down 45 feet into the gorge and scrambling down its flowing waterways as deep as 20 metres in places.

Credit: Photo © Peter Bond (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Once deep into the gorge, guests can potter around and enjoy a bit of otter-spotting, while listening to the birds and the fish who reside in the gorge.

While that sounds like a whole lotta fun already, the thrill seekers among us might be up for a bigger challenge – one which can be fulfilled just a drive away to Cumbria’s Howgill Fells.

Credit: Photo © Chris Gunns (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Known as Cautley Spout, the team at How Stean Gorge allow the brave among us to canyon down the country’s largest waterfall – an experience that, if you have the bottle for it, offers some of the best views in the national park.

Cascading nearly 200m, participants will be required to scramble and abseil down the impressive waterfall, taking on its many jumps and drops to get to the bottom.

Credit: How Stean Gorge

In addition to canyoning and ghyll scrambling, guests can choose from other fun activities such as canoeing and caving, with Yorkshire Dales gems such as the Stump Cross Caverns, Brimham Rocks and more to explore.

At How Stean Gorge HQ, guests can also take advantage of the incredible Vista Bistro, which made national news last year thanks to its incredible glass walls and floors that stand directly above How Stean Gorge.

Sitting atop an 80ft drop, guests can fill up after a tiring adventure, while taking in the fantastic views of How Stean Gorge.

Find out more and book here.

[Featured image: How Stean Gorge/Paul Lakin/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0]

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