This Yorkshire Seaside Town Has Been Named Top UK Destination For An Easter Break

This Yorkshire Seaside Town Has Been Named Top UK Destination For An Easter Break

Not Yorkshire featuring at the top of a list once again? This time it’s one of our beautiful coastal towns that has been named the top destination for an Easter Break.

Not only is it the top it’s also the oldest seaside resort in the UK. Before we were lucky enough to swan off a little closer to the equator on a budget flight every year, summer holidays meant packing up the car and heading for the coast

As children, we’d spend year after year heading to the seaside town of Scarborough, excited about popping pennies into the slot machines for as long as we had coppers, going from arcade to the arcade and ice cream van to ice cream van, before spending the afternoon running barefoot across the beach. And those memories are exactly why Scarborough remains iconic to this day.

AirBnb named the seaside town as the most popular domestic destination for guests in the UK for Easter with Belfast and Peak Forest in 2nd and 3rd behind it.

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We’ve had a touch of sun this morning that has given the feeling that Spring is just around the corner and with many folks planning their Easter getaways it seems exploring the seaside is a top priority.

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Amanda Cupples, from AirBnb says: “Easter is a perfect time to go away with your loved ones, but we know that choosing where to go, whether abroad or in the UK, can be a hard decision, especially in the current cost of living crisis.

“That’s why we’re excited to share some of the most popular destinations Brits love to travel to in Easter, to help provide inspiration, as well as a wishlist of Airbnbs in the UK with brilliant value for money.”

Brits looking for a weekend away this Easter are looking for beaches, amazing pools, iconic cities, National Parks and coutryside all of which can be found in good ol’ Yorkshire.

Check out the most popular domestic destinations in the UK to visit over Easter below:

1) Scarborough, England 

2) Belfast, Northern Ireland 

3) Peak Forest, England 

4) Weymouth, England  

5) Tenby, Wales 

6) Windermere, England 

7) Ambleside, England 

8) Blackpool, England 

9) Aviemore, Scotland 

10) Keswick, England

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Feature Image Credit: Castle Headland, Scarborough cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Pauline E –

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