NORAD Has Launched A Santa Tracker So You Can Keep Track Of His Sleigh Today

NORAD Has Launched A Santa Tracker So You Can Keep Track Of His Sleigh Today

It’s finally time. He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. And he’s officially on his way!

Setting off from the North Pole just this morning, Santa and his fleet of reindeer are currently making their way across the globe, and if you’re wondering exactly where he might be, you’re in luck – because the team at NORAD has relaunched their famous Santa tracker so we can all keep a watchful eye on when exactly we need to go to bed.

Credit: Pixabay

Using their high-tech satellites to help out us normal folk, NORAD’s Santa tracker follows the Big Man and his helpers, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen as they whizz around the globe delivering presents, and it even tells you where his next stop is, as well as how many presents Santa and his team have delivered so far.

Its ‘Next Stop’ feature is perfect for getting the kids to bed on time, as children can keep their eyes on the tracker, too. After all, we all know the rule is if we’re not sleeping, Santa won’t turn up.

Credit: Unsplash

Starting at the Southern end of the globe, Santa has already delivered presents to the children of Australia and New Zealand, and is currently hard at work delivering gifts to children across Asia.

Santa and his sleigh will then be moving West and visiting Europe, the UK, India and Africa, before crossing the Atlantic over to the US and South America.

Judging by the sightings on the map so far, Santa is delivering presents between 10 and 11pm, so you’ll want to be all tucked up before then!

While we do wait for the big day to arrive tomorrow, tele fans will be pleased to hear that there’s plenty of corkers to watch this weekend, including plenty of family-friendly films and entertaining Christmas specials.

Want to keep track of Santa? Check out the official tracker here.

[Featured image: Unsplash]

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