This Yorkshire Airlines Sketch Shows What A Proper Flight Should Be Like

This Yorkshire Airlines Sketch Shows What A Proper Flight Should Be Like

A hilarious video has been doing the rounds of social media for a while now – and with the sad closure of Doncaster Sheffield airport it seems fitting to show what Yorkshire needs is a proper Yorkshire airline. And this sketch by Hale and Pace gives a picture of what such an airline might look like.

Yorkshire folk tend to be portrayed as no-nonsense, tell it how it is kind of folk on tele and who bang on about how much we love Yorkshire. And, for the most part, that’s true. But, what’s not to love and what’s wrong with calling a spade a spade?

Yorkshire Airlines Sketch

Hale and Pace were a comedy duo prolific in the United Kingdom during the 80s and 90s Gareth Hale resides from Hedon in East Yorkshire, which is maybe why the Yorkshire Airline sketch speaks true to what’s close to Yorkshire folk’s hearts.

Ey up and away with Yorkshire Airlines. The air hostess can be seen greeting everyone with a merry “Ey up” and making sure folk “wipe tha bloody feet” before boarding the plane.

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What’s on offer for the in-flight meal? Fish & chips of course, served on a newspaper with massive portions and plenty of mushy peas.

The Yorkshire captain, tells it how it is “We’ll be flying at what either height I like, for as long as I bloody like, cus I’m captain” before pouring himself a pint of mild.

You’ve got a choice to fly ‘Working Class’ or if you’ve got the brass ‘Alan Bennet class’. But, where might you be flying to on Yorkshire Airlines? Yorkshire of course. Yorkshire Airlines departs from Leeds International Airport, before touching down 20 minutes later in Leeds Internation Airport. Bliss.

Watch the full Yorkshire Airline Sketch below:

People where quick to show their appreciation of the sketch with one person writing: “If it’s not in Yorkshire, it’s not worth. bloody visiting”.

Whilst another wrote: “Still better than ryanair”. And, we aren’t going to argue with that.

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