Hundreds Expecting Wetherspoons Refunds After Yorkshire Influencer Sparks £2K Worth Of Orders

Hundreds Expecting Wetherspoons Refunds After Yorkshire Influencer Sparks £2K Worth Of Orders

Leeds-based influencer, Tom Birch has caused quite a stir this month at a branch of Wetherspoons after he asked his 170,000 followers to send him some drinks and food. A common occurrence between friends, the response was a lot more than the TikToker could have imagined.

The 23-year-old visited the Golden Beam pub in Headingley and gave his table number to his followers sparking a huge surge in orders to his table that equated to more than £2,000.

Anyone who’s been to Wetherspoons knows how hard it is to spend that much in the pub chain known for cheap drinks and food.

It was alleged that Wetherspoons denied refund to the orders they refused to fill, and the pub sent out a statement to the Yorkshire Post which read:

Wetherspoons said they are working through refunds to those who ordered: “as quickly as possible” and expect delays due to the amount.

“It is also contrary to the Company’s responsible drinking policy, which is designed to promote the statutory licensing objectives, an important part of the pub licensing system.

“As a matter of common sense, it is undesirable for customers to build up a large number of drinks on their table at any one time.

“The customer was informed that there was too much alcohol being ordered to his table and the pub would not fulfil any other orders.

“We understand at this stage, he asked his followers to send drinks to other tables.

“Refunds could not be processed on the day are currently being processed for the food and drink not delivered.

“We are working through the refunds as quickly as we can but due to the volume, there may be some delay.”

The self-proclaimed “King of Leeds” had his TikTok account deleted, but is back in business with 185k followers, an extra 15k added since the occurrence in spoons.

We’ve all been to Wetherspoons and tried to get our mates to send us drinks whilst we are out on a night out, but not all of us have a massive fan base, it’s one of those incidents that can never be repeated.

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Feature Image Credit: TikTok/Tombitchy

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