Prosecco Popsicles Are Now A Thing – And They’re Perfect For Summer

We are able to meet friends again, the days are getting longer, and fingers crossed, the better weather is around the corner. With the summer sun comes a whole host of issues, such as keeping cool. Well, if you a fan of prosecco, you will love these new prosecco popsicles as a well for cooling you down this summer. And, no why aren’t talking about filling up the ice tray with prosecco.

Credit: The Gift and Gadget Store

These new ‘Sophisitpops’ are a fun a creative way to enjoy prosecco popsicles. You can create four alcoholic lollies at a time and they come with plastic champagne class stems, so you can keep it classy as well as cool down.

Credit: Unsplash

All you need to do is pour in the champagne or prosecco in the moulds, then insert stems and place them in the freezer. Wait for them to freeze for a few hours then take them out and voila, you have to perfect summer treat.

Credit: The Gift and Gadget Store

You can enjoy adding different fruits and berries to the moulds and make a nice little treat for yourself. The moulds are not just for prosecco. Why not make a range of cocktails and freeze them to enjoy a fruity treat with an alcoholic twist. Try these cocktails recipes on for size, Strongbow Dark Fruits, Fruit Pastille, Solero, or Fab Lolly cocktail.

If you like the idea of these then get yours here.

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