Iceland Has Launched It’s Own KFC Gravy & Customers Are Raving About It

Iceland Has Launched It’s Own KFC Gravy & Customers Are Raving About It

If there’s one thing that really makes a KFC, it’s that delicious, thick, chicken-flavoured gravy that absolutely levels up every single bite. It’s not the same without it at all. But one thing we do dislike about it? How difficult it is to recreate.

The secret recipe has long remained under the Colonel’s hat, meaning the only place you can get a hit of that deliciously warm pot of gravy is KFC itself. That was, until now.

Credit: Iceland

Launching just this year at Iceland, the frozen food supermarket has introduced a ‘Southern Fried Chicken Gravy’ – costing just £1 for a 350g tub, which is more than enough for two to share.

Available both in-store and online (in the frozen section), customers have been absolutely loving the KFC substitute, saying “Love KFC gravy and this is on a par with it, sublime”, and even going as far as to say “This gravy is so good I could literally bathe in it!! It taste exactly like KFC gravy, I would even say its better!!”. High praise, indeed.

The chicken gravy, which is made with cooked, battered chicken and chicken stock is the perfect accompaniment for any chicken dish, with Iceland itself stocking plenty of breaded and Southern fried chicken products.

Want to try it for yourself? Find out more and get your tub here, or in-store.

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[Featured image: Iceland]

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