This West Yorkshire Restaurant Serves Up The Biggest Breakfast Challenge We’ve Ever Seen

Ever feel so hungover you’re like a bottomless pit? Say no more.

Credit: Jems Pit Stop

Located in Batley, West Yorkshire, Jem’s Pit Stop really know how to fill a hole – with an American-themed menu featuring burgers, hot dogs and stuffed crust Chicago style pizzas. I’m salivating at the thought.

The diner is situated within a ‘speed shop’, selling motorcycles, doing MOTs and even offering up tattoos and haircuts for guests. It’s pretty much every pistonhead’s dream.

Credit: Jems Pit Stop

Inside, the diner looks like an incredible converted car garage, with tin finishings, neon lights, oil tanks and even a converted VW van where diners can enjoy a meal.

But the real star of the show? Their unbelievable ‘Judgement Day’ breakfast.

Packed out with sausages, spam, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, beans, eggs and hash browns, the whopping challenge has been undefeated since its inception – except for Yorkshire competitive eater, Beard Meats Food (who must have a stomach of bloomin’ steel!). The challenger completed the mountain of food in just 40 minutes, and we have to say he’s more of a man than we’ll ever be.

The breakfast costs £25 – or free if you finish, however I probably wouldn’t count on getting your money back, as even competitive eaters have been taken down by the monster of a fry up describing it as ‘deceptive’.

People who do complete the challenge will also get to take home a jumper as a trophy, to look back on fondly when they remember the time they were so full, they couldn’t breathe.

There’s no time limit on finishing the breakfast, however wannabe champions will need to pre-book beforehand to take part – we imagine cos it’s a whole lotta food from the stock!

Jem’s Pit Stop, Unit 3, Brookroyd Mill, Bradford Road, Batley, WF17 8ND.