Jeremy Clarkson Wasn’t Happy After Prank By Ant & Dec On ITV’s ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’

Jeremy Clarkson Wasn’t Happy After Prank By Ant & Dec On ITV’s ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’

Ant and Dec are back with their popular ITV show Saturday Night Takeaway and this weekend’s episode started with a bang as the comedy duo played a prank on everyone’s favourite farmer, Jeremy Clarkson.

The new series has viewers howling as the presenting duo fooled the Top Gear presenter in their hilarious prank.

Credit: ITV

In a clip earlier in the week on the social channels, they teased their audience with a clip from the show in which Clarkson gets out of his car confronted by protestors on the farm – and after Clarkson quips that soil doesn’t have feelings a disguised Dec shouts “would you like to phone a friend” to the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire presenter.

Credit: ITV

The set-up for the prank was a group of presenters with Dec as one of the protestors and Ant pulling the strings in the background. They were all waiting outside Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm.

Clarkson can be seen not looking impressed as he gets out of his car

Another ‘protester’ handcuffed himself to the car, and it looked as if Jeremy was struggling to keep his emotions in check. It was hard watching, but very hilarious as always.

One viewer watching the show said: “Ant’s dreading what Clarkson might say next.”

Credit: ITV

Whilst another person wrote: “That undercover with Jeremy Clarkson was HILARIOUS, one of the best ever.

“Shame he’ll likely never be on the show again after the drink driving joke. But it was worth it

Others weren’t happy with Clarkson’s comment about Ant’s drink driving history saying: “Watching Jeremey clarkson give that low blow to ant on #SaturdayNightTakeaway that was rough.”

With another saying: “Oh Jeremy clarkson that comment was so uncalled for.. you could see the hurt in Ant straight away #SaturdayNightTakeaway”

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