Joe Wicks Is Back With His Much Loved PE Classes During The New Lockdown

The PM announced last night that the country was to go into lockdown for the foreseeable future to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. Over the summer, Joe Wicks was a source of comfort and routine for the Nation as we all dealt with the restrictions put upon us that none of us is used to. Last night he announced that he will be back with his classes to keep young children active and motivated this lockdown.

Credit: Bodycoach Instagram

Taking to his Instagram, he announced that: “I’ve got some great news, I’ve decided I need to come back and be there for children during this time, through this lockdown when schools are closed to keep their exercise up, to keep their activities there, their energy, their mood, their mental health.”

“I’m going to be doing PE with Joe live, three days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday starting next week on the 11th.”

Credit: Bodycoach Instagram

The UK’s favourite PE teacher had some heartfelt thoughts on his Instagram live, as he pondered the lives of everyone across the UK, about how hard it will be for families. He said: “For me personally, I’m so emotional.”

“I’m thinking about all the people out there that are struggling and that have got families and kids, living in tiny little flats, who can’t afford healthy food and heating. I was one of those kids, I was living in a council flat 30 years ago when I was a kid. I was one of [those] people and I can’t help but feel for these families and businesses that are struggling.”

Credit: Bodycoach Instagram

Wick’s is a humble and inspiring man, and we will definitely be tuning in Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s 20-minute workouts on his YouTube along with the rest of the Nation to try to stay positive with help with good ol’ Joe. What a man.

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