Johnny Depp Has Been Spotted In York Ahead Of His Performance With Jeff Beck Tonight

Johnny Depp Has Been Spotted In York Ahead Of His Performance With Jeff Beck Tonight

Our favourite pop up Thor’s Tipi has shared the moment they met Johnny Depp outside of Principal hotel in York city centre ahead of his performance at York Barbican with Jeff Beck tonight.

They shared the photos with the caption “We met a very special gent today” and thanked him for signing his autograph for them.

Last month, fans were treated to a huge surprise when Johnny Depp, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, joined musical icon Jeff Beck on stage in Sheffield City Hall, and it appears that he will be returning to Yorkshire once more.

Depp, who just won a court dispute in Virginia, USA, recently visited his friend and musical partner Jeff Beck, who is presently on tour in the United Kingdom, in Sheffield as part of his European tour.

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Credit: Thor’s Tipi

The 58-year-old star played a range of colours with his long time friend and collaborator Jeff Beck including his cover of “Isolation,” a remake of the John Lennon song released in 1970.

Jeff Beck is due to play York Barbican on Tuesday 7th May, and Johnny Depp is set to make another appearance, which we are sure fans will be buzzing about.

Credit: Thor’s Tipi

Don’t be surprised if you catch Depp out in York after the show as he has been known to say the cocktail bar Evil Eye is one of his favourite bars. Hidden behind the gin shop where the magic happens. Hiding behind the shop’s facade lies a quirky little cocktail speakeasy, oozing cool dive bar vibes that are only amplified by the hidden bar’s easygoing soundtrack of rock n roll.

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Feature Image Credit: Thor’s Tipi

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