Northern Lights Dazzle Yorkshire Coast Skies With Stunning Display Last Night

Northern Lights Dazzle Yorkshire Coast Skies With Stunning Display Last Night

The UK was given a unique opportunity over the last few days to get to see the Northern Lights without making an expensive trip over to the Arctic Circle.

On both Sunday and yesterday, you could have stepped outside and been greeted with one of the world’s most stunning natural phenomena.

And that’s just what a group did in Filey sharing their images to the Facebook group Active Filey. Posting into the group was one user Steve Bowden who wrote: “What an incredible evening up on the top, what a turnout, so many people”

Credit: Steve Bowden

“So many HAPPY people, fortune truly did smile on all of us when the gap in the clouds opened up. Then 9pm appeared and it went ballistic !!!”

The images captured by members were absolutely incredible. The Northern Lights are clearly visible from the photos snapped on Filey Brigg in all its mystical hues including light green, pink, and tones of red, yellow, blue, and violet.

Credit: Steve Bowden

The stunning colours, also known as the aurora borealis, are a product of solar activity and are caused by charged particles in the solar wind interacting with molecules in the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

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The stunning images featured were captured by Steve and Kay Walters and show the Northern Lights in all their glory. Along with the stunning twinkling starlight Kay Walters’ snap shows the incredible activity spotted in the Yorkshire Coast area at around 9pm last night.

Credit: Kay Walters

A recent tweet from the Met Office said: “The Aurora Borealis may be visible as far south as central England tonight [Sunday] where skies remain clear. The Northern Lights are also likely to be seen again on Monday night.”

How to spot the Northern Lights

Whilst there is a chance to see the Northern Lights over the next few days there is no guarantee. Cloudy conditions and light pollution can affect visibility.

What you need is dark skies and a clear night to really get the most incredible sighting. So, if you’re looking to get a great glimpse you need to head out of the city or head to higher ground to catch a glimpse.

If you’re wondering how to know when is best to see the Northern Lights – visit the AururaWatchUK which is run by the Department of Physics at Lancaster University and provides a real-time status tool, which was on red alert Sunday evening.

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Feature Image Credit: Steve Bowden

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