Kevin The Carrot Toys Cause Carnage In Aldi As Shoppers ‘Fight’ To Buy It

As Aldi launches its Kevin the Carrot toys in store today, shoppers queue for hours in hope of snagging one for their kids, or themselves.

You’ve heard of people camping overnight for the new Iphone or the newest console. Well now it seems a cuddling carrot is worth an overnight sleep ahead of Christmas.

It has now emerged that some shoppers have been fighting over the carrot and sprout Christmas companions according to Twitter. Stores are selling out of these sought after gifts in a matter of minutes with demand not being met.

One upset customer took to Twitter to report: “Thought I’d get up early and go out to see if I could get one of those Kevin the carrot toys at Aldi. Got there and the queue was snaking back past the store with people still coming. All that for a toy!”

“I am in a queue at #aldi to buy fluffy sprouts…” another said.

Author: The Yorkshireman

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