These 10ft Icicles Formed In The Yorkshire Dales Look Like Something Out Of Disney’s ‘Frozen’

These 10ft Icicles Formed In The Yorkshire Dales Look Like Something Out Of Disney’s ‘Frozen’

We’ve seen a cold spell hit Yorkshire over the past few days. And the weather conditions have continued into this morning as North Yorkshire has been hit with huge amounts of snow in places.

Cars on the A1 motorway were reportedly stuck in the North Yorkshire region this Saturday morning. Snow and ice are the order of the day today as thick snowfall in North Yorkshire and the dales cause treacherous driving conditions.

Areas of North Yorkshire have seen up to 12 inches of snow in places according to updates from North Yorkshire Weather Updates Facebook page including Buttertubs Pass, Newby Head Pass, Hawes and other spots across the area.

Credit: Alfresco Adventures

Another unique occurrence that has happened due to the weather is a magical scene of frozen waterfalls and massive 10ft icicles like something out of Frozen at Kisdon Force waterfall.

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Images taken by Alfresco Adventures show the area is iced over creating a beautiful spectacle. Icicles are created in subfreezing weather when ice or snow is melted b sunlight or another heat source and refreezes as it drops off under exposure to the conditions. Over time this runoff will cause the icicle to grow.

Credit: Alfresco Adventures

People following North Yorkshire Weather Updates were quick to praise the beautiful scenes with one person writing: “Beautiful nature but bloody cold in the Dales.”

Others agreed with the comments calling it stunning and like a painting. The post has now gathered over 1k likes and 265 shares showing it has touched people.

This isn’t the only amazing ice creation that has been found this winter. Earlier this week, ‘ice pancakes’ were found floating around in Aysgarth Falls. Check out the video below:

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