Kopparberg Has Launched A Passionfruit & Orange Gin Perfect For BBQ Season

Kopparberg Has Launched A Passionfruit & Orange Gin Perfect For BBQ Season
This sounds like the perfect summer tipple!

Gin lovers, this one is for you! A new Kopparberg gin is now available in the UK, and it sounds dreamy. Launching their brand new Passionfruit and Orange flavour, the new gin sounds like the perfect refreshing beverage for a weekend sipping drinks in the sun. Available in most superstores now, bottles are up for grabs for just £18, a low price to pay for a whole lotta goodness. So far, the new flavour has proven very popular with the internet, so don’t be surprised if it sells out before your next big shop.

The new gin comes in a 70cl bottle and is infused with botanicals of juniper, lemon zest and coriander. Refreshingly light, fans can expect a sweet and zesty taste with a hint of citrus, making it perfect to enjoy “over ice with a tonic or lemonade mixer, served up with a slice of orange, providing the perfect refreshing tipple for gin lovers”, as recommended by the Swedish drinks makers.

Credit: Tesco

Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing for Koppaberg, explained how the company was excited about the new flavour, saying: “We are extremely excited to bring our new flavour of Kopparberg gin to the UK following the success of our pink gin variants launched last year and after we’ve seen passion fruit as a key and current trend in flavour.

“Kopparberg is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends and we look forward to seeing Kopparberg fans making memories with a refreshing serve of the new Passionfruit & Orange Gin.”

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