Married At First Sight Viewers Slam Yorkshire Groom Over ‘Creepy’ Speech

Married At First Sight Viewers Slam Yorkshire Groom Over ‘Creepy’ Speech

People have been raving about E4’s new series of Married at First Sight, which is now officially underway. We have to say, we are already hooked. The show’s 16 singletons are keeping us entertained as we watch them navigate a marriage, meeting for the first time and a whirlwind romance.

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The rollercoaster romances make for hilarious, awkward and sometimes brilliant viewing. Last night’s episode especially had some cringy and awkward moments. Fans were quick to point out multiple how awkward Franky from Pontefract’s toast was during the reception after he married mum-of-two, Marilyse from Beverley, Yorkshire.

The speech made for awkward viewing with the 47-year-old’s jokes not hitting the mark with the wedding guests.

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Franky said: “Ladies and gentlemen, I will actually enjoy this speech because it’s highly likely again that I will get to speak for a whole ten minutes without my wife interrupting me.

“The perfect marriage is about the growth within the relationship and overcoming the obstacles together. You got that, yeah?”

Credit: E4

“Thank you in advance that on our honeymoon you’ll get up every morning and make me breakfast. I like my eggs runny.”

His new wife didn’t find his jokes very funny either, and viewers were quick to notice taking to Twitter to point out the awkwardness of the moment.

One social media user wrote: “Franky looks like he is going to a bit of a control freak, he is obnoxious. He thinks he is funnier than he actually is lol.”

Whilst another pointed out that ” “Franky gives me the creeps. I see him as controlling, the ‘I’m in charge’ type.”

A third wrote, “Sorry but no, Frankie gives me the creeps.”

Whereas people seemed to have warmed to Marilyse, with one user writing “Amy and Marilyse seem like the most genuine girls in there, don’t you dare hurt them” and another agreed saying, “Marilyse seems lovely. I hope he’s nice to her…”

Franky and Marilyse were matched by dating experts for the new series of Married At First Sight UK. At 47 Franky is the oldest singleton on the programme looking for love, which is a decade older than his bride Marilyse, who is 37 years old. How will things turn out for the couple? Only time will tell.

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